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While ACTA Sports launched in 2003 as an imprint of ACTA Publications, its roots run much deeper than that. Co-owner and co-publisher John Dewan left a highly successful career as an insurance actuary to pursue his life-long dream, the development of the most timely and comprehensive computer database in sports. He fulfilled part one of that dream by becoming the Executive Director of Project Scoresheet, the Bill James-led effort that pioneered a new wave of baseball statistics that are now common baseball terminology. Part two of the dream was Sports Team Analysis and Tracking Systems, Inc. (STATS, Inc.). The success of the company culminated in its sale to an affiliate of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and Fox Broadcasting, News Digital Media in December 1999.

In March 2002, John reunited with former STATS executive Steve Moyer to launch part three of his life-long dream, Baseball Info Solutions. Their combined experiences create respected and unparalleled sports information used throughout the industry. Also in 2002, John became co-owner of ACTA Publications and the ACTA Sports imprint was born. Since then, ACTA Sports has been a leader in the field of baseball statistics, publishing a number of baseball statistical annuals and fantasy baseball guides, including the industry-standard Bill James Handbook, as well as the acclaimed Hardball Times Baseball Annual and the groundbreaking Graphical Player.
In 2006, ACTA Sports turned the baseball statistics community on its head with the publication of John Dewan’ Fielding Bible—a revolutionary system that finally brought objective analysis to the fielding abilities and contributions of major league baseball players.


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