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How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball

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How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball
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How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball

In this book, twelve writers discuss how Bill James has influenced them, where they disagree with James, and how they see the future of statistical analysis.

ISBN: 978-0-87946-317-5

- Subtitle: By Colleagues, Critics, Competitors and Just Plain Fans
- Product #: 59
- Format: book
- Binding: Hardcover
- Page Count: 144
- Trim Size: 6 x 8
- Pub. Date: February 2007
- Publisher: ACTA Publications

Price: $19.95

How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball The Inspiration behind MONEYBALL

ACTA Sports has re-released its book of essays How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball in the wake of the publicity the ground-breaking baseball analyst has received from the new movie MONEYBALL, in which an Oakland scout incredulously asks general manager Billie Beane, played by Brad Pitt, whether he’s really "buying into this Bill James bullshit." Later in the movie, Beane notes to Red Sox owner John Henry, played by Arliss Howard, "You've hired Bill James,"  and Henry says he can't believe how long it's taken for someone to "hire that guy."

How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball  was first published in 2007 and contains articles by Rob Neyer, National Baseball Editor for; John Thorn, author of The Hidden Game of Baseball;, Sam Walker, sports editor of The Wall Street Journal, and Alan Schwarz, National Education Correspondent for The New York Times. Also included are essays by James’ wife, Susan McCarthy; Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets; John Dewan and Steve Moyer of Baseball Info Solutions; Hal Richman, founder of the Strat-O-Matic Game Company; Dave Studenmund, editor of The Hardball Times Baseball Annual; Gary Huckabay, founder of Baseball Prospectus; and Ron Shandler, creator of the Baseball Forecaster. Bill James himself contributes "The Last Word" on his own legacy.

Included are shorter reflections by thirty or so "just plain fans" who were influenced by Bill James not only in how they view baseball but how they view life. The book is edited with an Introduction by Greg Pierce, the editor of Diamond Presence: Twelve Stories of Finding God at the Old Ball Park.
"Bill James introduced a generation of baseball fans to a whole new way of thinking about the game of baseball. And in doing so, he also taught many of us a new way to see the world. Don’t believe it? Then do what James would do and examine the evidence: Read this book." –Mat Olkin
"How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball explains why and how the revolution in baseball took place."—Tim Kurkjian
Bill James
Named one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, Bill James changed the way we view baseball forever using, what he termed, sabermetrics which scientifically analyzes and studies baseball through statistical data. A historian, statistician, and writer, he has written over two dozen books. He is currently the Senior Baseball Operations Advisor for the Boston Red Sox.