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Flat Bat Award 2010

January 31, 2011

Each year we give the Flat Bat Award to baseball's best bunter, and it's time to hand out the 2010 award. First, let's look at the best bunters in sacrifice situations. Here are the best sacrifice bunters in baseball for 2010, listed in order of most sacrifices:

2010 Sacrifice Hit Leaders
Player Successful Sacrifices Sacrifice Attempts Percentage
Clayton Kershaw, LAD 18 18 100%
Elvis Andrus, TEX 17 17 100%
Chone Figgins, SEA 17 19 89%
Ryan Dempster, CHC 16 17 94%
Nyjer Morgan, WAS 15 15 100%
Juan Pierre, CWS 15 21 71%

Now we have the best at bunting for hits, listed in order of most bunt hits in 2010. As you can see, the most successful bunters have a very high average when bunting for a hit. Of the 23 players who attempted at least 10 bunt base hits in 2010, their combined average on bunts was .490.

2010 Bunt Hit Leaders
Player, Team Successful Bunt Hits Bunt Hit Attempts Average
Erick Aybar, LAA 18 35 .514
Julio Borbon, TEX 17 30 .567
Elvis Andrus, TEX 12 18 .667
Angel Pagan, NYM 12 18 .667
Gregor Blanco, KC/ATL 12 17 .706

Last year's Flat Bat award winner Erick Aybar again led the league with 18 bunt hits (in 35 attempts). Rangers rookie Julio Borbon gave Aybar a run for his money with 17 bunts hits. However, Aybar was also 11 for 13 in sac bunt attempts, giving him an edge over Borbon (8 for 11).

Congratulations to Erick Aybar for successfully defending his Flat Bat title!


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