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Scoring Runners from Third Base with Less Than Two Outs

June 24, 2013

Reader Phil Levinson writes:

Hi John,

I loved this article, which you wrote back in 2008.

Can you tell me where I can find a site with this stat updated on a regular basis "% of Runners Scored from 3B with Less Than 2 Outs"?

I believe this is the most underrated offensive statistic in baseball, and I want to help give it more publicity.


Well, Phil, while our friends at Baseball-Reference do report each hitter's batting line in a number of different situations, I'm not aware of any sites which report success/failure rates as in that Stat of the Week. But, we can update it for you!

Since 2002, MLB players have scored the runner from third 51 percent of the time. The leader in that category (minimum 300 opportunities) is Garret Anderson, followed closely by Victor Martinez and Hideki Matsui.

Batter Opportunities Runner Scores Success Rate
Garret Anderson 304 198 65%
Victor Martinez 328 212 65%
Hideki Matsui 310 200 65%
Magglio Ordonez 312 200 64%
Orlando Cabrera 339 213 63%

At 41 percent, Adam Dunn brings up the rear, and it's not even close:

Batter Opportunities Runner Scores Success Rate
Adam Dunn 409 166 41%
Pat Burrell 369 169 46%
Carlos Pena 341 158 46%
Andruw Jones 345 161 47%
Alfonso Soriano 338 158 47%

The 2013 leaders include Kendrys Morales (11-for-12) and Mike Trout (13-for-15), while Royals' right fielder Jeff Francoeur has failed to come through 9 times out of 10.

All data courtesy Baseball Info Solutions.