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The most powerful baseball player
analysis tool ever...
right in the palm of your hand.


Well, maybe it's not the "most powerful tool ever," but we think it's pretty cool. The Bill James Baseball IQTM app puts more information on your iPhone than managers have in the dugout! Bill James Baseball IQTM will change the way you analyze baseball. With the swipe of your thumb, choose players and situations and discover player patterns, strengths, and weaknesses in full-color graphics.

For the first time in history, fans have access to every pitch thrown in the past three seasons plus the current season. Baseball IQ interprets your input in real-time and generates charts and heat maps that reveal what has never been seen before.


  • Hit Locator
  • Hit Zone
  • K Zone
  • Discipline
  • Pitch Locator
  • Pitch Profile
  • Batter Comparison
  • Batter-Pitcher Match-Ups

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Here's how some of the screens look:

AppStore Charts
AppStore HitLocator
AppStore KZone
AppStore Comparison

If you purchase the Baseball IQ app, we are making a special offer. Go ahead and buy the Baseball IQ app for your iPhone or iPad at the App Store for $14.99 for the entire season. Then send us an email at letting us know that you have done so (we trust you!) and we will send you a special code that will give you a 30% discount on your next purchase at If you spend just $50 and then apply this discount, you will have made back the cost of the Baseball IQ app in savings! This offer expires at the end of April.

For our Android users, we know you're hungry for apps like this, and we haven't forgotten you. As soon as the Android version is available, we'll notify you and make the exact same offer.

Thank you for your continued support. Now let's get ready to "Play Ball."


I can't say enough about the Bill James Daily Match-Ups and Baseball IQ apps. They are both fantastic and to this end, you can remove me from the email list for the daily matchups via email. I'm still learning new things with the Daily Match-Ups app. I've tried it with my fantasy teams and it gives me some extra insight. As a follower of stats since the early 1950s these two apps are marvelous. The IQ app has so much information and variations. Unbelievable. Highly recommended.

I purchased both the Daily Match-Ups and the Baseball IQ apps.They're both awesome.

Bought both Daily Match ups and IQ- thx for doing such great work- helps alot as I score the games that I attend.

I just purchased your new Bill James Baseball IQ app and really love it! I won't sleep tonight because I will be going through all of the charts and scenarios!