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ACTA Sports Announces Its First-Ever Smartphone App.


If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can now download the Bill James' Daily Match-Ups app for the entire season at the Apple App Store for a mere $1.99. (For those of you with Android phones, we haven't forgotten about you, but since this is our first experiment with apps, we may have to wait until next year to develop an Android version) This app will allow you to view not only your own team's batter-pitcher match-ups but those for every team in the major leagues. This would, of course, allow those of you in fantasy leagues to plan which players to sit or play in future series, based on probable match-ups. In addition to the full Bill James' Daily Match-Ups, this app also gives complete, up-to-the-previous-day team and individual stats on hitting, pitching and fielding. Here are examples of what the app screens look like:

Click here to check out this app on the App Store.

MatchUps AppStore  Schedule AppStore
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If you don't have a smartphone or don't want to part with the two bucks, the Bill James' Daily Match-Ups is still available as a free email subscription. Each day you'll receive a PDF file in your inbox showing lifetime batter vs. pitcher statistics for your favorite team against your team’s next opponent. Unfortunately this PDF does not allow for the dynamic use of the match-ups as described above, but it's a great way to enhance your enjoyment of the game. To sign up for the free email subscription, please send an email to with your name and favorite team and where you purchase your sports books.

Also, if you have not yet seen Bill James' new book,
Solid Fool’s Gold: Detours on the Way to Conventional Wisdom, it is now available here. It contains 21 articles by Bill on everything from the predictability of RBI to his new method for measuring rainfall (inches per hour). The book is witty, insightful, and just plain fun.

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I can't say enough about the Bill James Daily Match-Ups and Baseball IQ apps. They are both fantastic and to this end, you can remove me from the email list for the daily matchups via email. I'm still learning new things with the Daily Match-Ups app. I've tried it with my fantasy teams and it gives me some extra insight. As a follower of stats since the early 1950s these two apps are marvelous. The IQ app has so much information and variations. Unbelievable. Highly recommended.

I purchased both the Daily Match-Ups and the Baseball IQ apps.They're both awesome.

Bought both Daily Match ups and IQ- thx for doing such great work- helps alot as I score the games that I attend.